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Why is it important?

Tire rotation or rotating tires is the process of moving the tires and wheels from one position on the vehicle to a different position, to create more even tire wear and longer lasting tires. This will result in a safer and also save you money on tire replacement. It is always a good idea to check the wheel alignment and wheel balance at the same time. Brake-O-Rama will always be ready to answer any questions you may have

Tire Rotation

Tire Rotation Procedure

Tire Rotation and why Tires wear

Front and rear tires wear do not wear at the same rate. Two of the main reasons are the way cars are designed and our driving habits. Front tires carry could carry as much as 65% of your car’s weight; this results in  front tires wearing down faster than the rear ones. Turning wears the front tires at different rates. We generally take left turns faster than we do right turns. This puts more load on the right front tire which results in the right tire wearing faster than your left. As your vehicle increases in age the shocks and struts are less effective causing a greater chance even tire wear, rotating tires helps in keeping tire wear even on all the wheels.

Rotating tires balances out the different rates that tires wear. We all realize the importance of brakes and suspension as a safety factor, but rotating your tires is also a safety factor By rotating tires regularly, you’ll have a smoother and safer ride. And avoid buying tires sooner than needed.

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