The key components in your car’s transmission:

A. Transmission fluid
B. Automatic transmission/transaxle,
or manual transmission/transaxle
C. Universal joints


The transmission works with the engine to provide power to your car’s wheels. Whether automatic or manual, the transmisson plays a major role in the overall dependability of your car. Make sure to check it at the first sign of problems. A transmission/transaxle input shaft, connects, multiplies and interrupts the flow of engine torque into the transmission. Universal joints connect to the driveshaft to transmit output power from the transmission to the rear axle or rear-wheel-drive cars. Brake-O-Rama offers Automobile Transmission Service NJ.

Brake-O-Rama Transmission  Service Includes:

1. Road test for engine performance and transmission shift patterns.

2. Inspect condition of transmission fluid.

3. Inspect transmission mounts and linkage.

4. Inspect transmission and transmission cooler for leaks.

5. Remove transmission pan, replace filter and pan gasket, and clean transmission pan.

6. Adjust bands and throttle linkage, as required.

7. Replace transmission cooler, as required.

8. Top off transmission fluid.