Transmission Flushes


The key components in your car’s transmission:

A. Transmission fluid
B. Automatic transmission/transaxle,
or manual transmission/transaxle
C. Universal joints

New engines and transmissions run more efficiently, but over time they gather harmful deposits that cause power and performance loss. Stop-and-go driving, prolonged idling, short trips that do not allow the engine to reach full operating temperature, towing, the ingestion of airborne dirt, fuel dilution, water condensation and oxidized oil all can promote sludge build-up in motor oil and transmission fluid. As it settles, sludge clogs narrow oil passages, restricting oil flow to vital parts, especially the upper valve train area. Brake-O-Rama offers Transmission Service NJ.

  • Brake-O-Rama Transmission Service:

1. Road test for engine performance, transmission operation and shift patterns.

2. Service transmission cooler and cooler lines.

3. Service transmission valve body.

4. Service transmission torque converter.

5. Thoroughly clean all internal parts.

6. Replace all contaminated transmission fluid and replace with clean fluid.

7. Install transmission additive to revitalize transmission seals and O-rings.

8. Road test vehicle for proper transmission operation.