Power Steering

steering alignment



Like your car’s brake system, the steering and suspension systems are key safety-related systems. Together, they largely determine your car’s ride and handling. Have your car’s steering and suspension systems checked regularly, at least once a year and usually with a wheel alignment. Brake-O-Rama offers Automobile Power Steering Service NJ.

The key components in your car’s steering and suspension systems:

A. Shocks and/or struts
B. Steering Knuckle
C. Ball joints

D. Steeriing rack/box
E. Bearings, seals or hub units

F. Tie rod ends


Brake-O-Rama Steering and Suspension Service Includes:

1. Road test for power steering operation.

2. Inspect system for leaks.

3. Remove old power steering fluid from lines.

4. Remove old power steering fluid from steering pump.

5. Inspect rack and pinion, and/or gear box for proper performance.

6. Thoroughly clean all internal parts.

7. Replace all contaminated power steering fluid with clean fluid.

8. Install power steering additive to revitalize seals and O-rings.

9. Road test vehicle for proper power steering operation.