Your Car’s Exhaust System Includes:

A. One or more mufflers
B. One or more oxygen (O2) sensors
C. One or more catalytic converters
D. Exhaust pipe
E. Tail pipe


Your car’s exhaust system has come a long way from the old days of exhaust pipes and mufflers. Today, the exhaust system is safety and emissions control rolled into one. Have your car’s exhaust system inspected regularly and check it immediately if you suspect any problems. Brake-o-rama offers Automobile Muffler Service NJ, Auto Repair Service NJ. Automobile Muffler Service NJ, Automobile Tune-Up Service in New Jersey, Auto Service New Jersey | Auto Repair NJ | Tires NJ | Car Service NJ

Maintain a safe car with regular exhaust system checks. Factors that affect replacement requirements include: Driving habits (short trips take their toll on exhaust system life), Road conditions (salt, road spray, bumps), Vehicle type, Age of exhaust system parts.