Brake-O-Rama Lifetime Warranty Coverage:

If parts installed by Brake-O-Rama and covered under the Brake-O-Rama Lifetime Warranty become damaged, defective, or worn out during the warranty period,  Brake-O-Rama will provide a replacement part, customer will be responsible for the labor if is not covered under the Labor Warranty period of six months or 6,000 miles.

What is not covered:

Scheduled Maintenance items recommended by the manufacture are not covered. Such as oil filters, gas filters etc.

This warranty does not cover the cost of additional components or labor required to restore the vehicle to its proper operation. Brake-O-Rama must restore the vehicle to its proper operation for safe driving.  If you do not authorize this service, you will receive non-installed, non-warranted parts

Warranties apply to parts installed and service performed on private passenger vehicles. This warranty is valid at company-owned Brake-o-Rama Car Care locations.

This warranty document does not apply to products or vehicles used for commercial, racing, or off-road purposes, or to damage caused by abuse or accident.


Other Service Warranty Exclusions: Replacement of anti-freeze or clamps is not included in the warranty on belts/radiator hoses. Cost of refrigerant and recharging of the air conditioning system is not included with the warranty on air conditioner parts or air conditioner compressors. Cost of additional brake system components, including rotors and drums and/or labor to restore Brake System to its safe proper operation is not included with the warranty.

Batteries are covered by a separate warranty from the manufacturer.


Brake-O-Rama obligation under this warranty is limited to replacement of the worn-out or defective product in accordance with this warranty. Cost of removal and installation are not included, and any incidental and consequential damages are excluded under this warranty, regardless of when the failure occurs. This warranty has no cash value. This warranty does not apply to products which have been modified, improperly applied or installed on vehicles used for commercial or racing purposes.


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