Cooling Systems



Your car’s engine cooling system consists of:

A. Heater core
B. Water pump
C. Cooling fan
D. Coolant reservoir
E. Radiator
F. Thermostat

G. Hoses


The engine cooling system affects your car’s overall dependability and engine longevity. Cooling systems have advanced over the years with new coolant formulations and new radiator designs and materials. If you suspect a problem with your cooling system, you should check immediately. Brake-O-Rama offers Engine Cooling System NJ. Auto Service New Jersey | Auto Repair NJ | Tires NJ | Car Service NJ

  • Brake-O-Rama Engine Cooling Service:

1. Pressure test cooling system for leaks.

2. Service engine, radiator and heater core in both directions.

3. Bring antifreeze temperature to -35 degrees.

4. Balance coolant pH level to between 9.8 and 10.5.

5. Visually inspect radiator cooling fan for proper operation.

6. Visually inspect heater operation.