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Brakes -Why have your brakes checked?

At Brake-O-Rama we understand that just replacing pads or shoes may not ensure your vehicles braking system is working as originally designed. Hardware wears down and degrades over time. This auto break repair service involves updating your hardware is to ensure your braking system works efficiently. Brake-O-Rama offers Brakes – Brake Repair & Service NJ. Brakes Is Our Name! Brakes Is Our Business!

Brake-O-Rama’s experienced mechanics brake system evaluation examines your entire braking system to accurately determine exactly what problem you may have and which brake service will help you get you back on the road safely.

Brake-O-Rama’s certified technicians will perform a thorough brake system evaluation, replace the brake pads or shoes, and resurface the drums or rotors on the serviced axle(s). We offer brake pads NJ. Information on Brake Pads.

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Brakes – Brake Repair & Service NJ