Auto Balance NJ



Brake Repair: Your Car’s Braking  & Balance System Includes:

A. ABS modulator
B. wheel speed sensors
C. Pads
D. Rotors
E. Brake calipers (disc brakes)
F.Master CyliinderG
G. Hydraulic lines and hoses

H. Shoes
I. Wheel cylinders (drum brakes)
J. Bearings, seals or hub units


Brake-O-Rama $19.99 Rotate & Balance Service Coupon

Out-of-balance tires will cause a car to vibrate at certain speeds, usually between 50 and 70 mph. A tire is out of balance when one section of the tire is heavier than the others. One ounce of imbalance on a front tire is enough to cause a noticeable vibration in the steering wheel at about 60 mph. Brake-O-Rama offers Automobile Balance Service in New Jersey. Auto Service New Jersey | Auto Repair NJ | Tires NJ | Car Service NJ

  • Brake-O-Rama Balance Service:

To balance a wheel, the technician will mount it on a balancing machine which spins the wheel to locate the heavier part. He will then compensate for the heavy part by attaching a lead weight on the opposite side. Many people are pleasantly surprised at how smooth their car drives after balancing all four wheels.