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Maintaining your car’s wheel alignment reduces tire wear, improves fuel economy and handling, and increases driving enjoyment and safety.Have your car’s alignment checked at least annually.
Brake-O-Rama offers Wheel Alignment Service NJ.
A. ABS modulator
B. wheel speed sensors
C. Pads
D. Rotors
E. Brake calipers (disc brakes)
F.Master CyliinderG
G. Hydraulic lines and hoses

H. Shoes
I. Wheel cylinders (drum brakes)
J. Bearings, seals or hub units


Typical Service: Have your car’s alignment checked at least annually. Make sure it’s a four-wheel alignment, wheter car, light truck or SUV. Wheel Alignment Service NJ is important to find.

Your technician will make adjustments to the camber, caster, toe and thrust angle.

Have the alignment checked at the first sign of abnormal tire wear or improper vehicle handling. Auto Service New Jersey | Auto Repair NJ | Tires NJ | Car Service NJ

A wheel alignment service nj is a good service to request as an “insurance policy” when you purchase a set of new tires.

Brake-O-Rama Wheel Alignment Service NJ:

1. Inspect steering and suspension system components for wear.

2. Replace parts and/or shims if required.

3. Adjust caster and camber, if provided by manufacturer.

4. Adjust toe-in.

5. Center steering wheel while adjusting toe-in.

6. Align wheels to manufacturer’s specifications.

7. Road test vehicle.


Same as above, plus compensate for rear wheel tracking.


Same as above, plus set rear wheel camber and toe-in, as provided by manufacturer

A. Shocks and/or struts
B. Steering Knuckle
C. Ball joints

D. Steering rack/box
E. Bearings, seals or hub units
G. Tire rod ends
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Our Brake-O-Rama Tire Center and Automotive Service Center have satisfied customers all through New Jersey. Here are the counties we cover:

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