Brake Inspection Free

Brake Inspection Free



Brake-O-Rama’s FREE Brake Inspection includes:
• Road test of your vehicle
• Lift vehicle and remove all four wheels for complete visual inspection
• Inspection of brake calipers, fluid quantity and quality
• Inspection of calipers, discs, drums, and the master cylinder
• Measurement of brake pads and rotors thickness to industry standards
• Explanation of completed diagnosis


Our Life Time Guarantee is the best in the business


Complete Brake Repair Service!

If your vehicle isn’t stopping properly or your vehicle mileage is at a point where you would like to have your brakes checked , don’t hesitate, bring it into Brake-O-Rama today for a FREE Inspection of your car brakes!



Why guess about your brakes?
Come to Brake-O-Rama for a Free Brake Repair Inspection.

Call Brake-O-Rama’s friendly staff at 973-779-4880 to get an estimate on any car repair question you may have.  If your brakes are  giving you a problem or you just have a question call us, we would be happy to help you. Brake-O-Rama is a full service repair shop since 1949 doing repairs on BrakesWheel AlignmentWheel BalanceTire RotationAir Condition, Heating, Shocks & Struts, Engine Repair, ABS Light, Engine Light, New TiresUsed TiresRadiatorsBatteries,   Free Car Inspection and more, plus we have valuable coupons to help save you money.

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