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What to Do

If there are no other brake light on, the vehicle will have a non-operational ABS brake system, but there should be normal operation from the service brake system. The vehicle can be driven but there will  be no ABS brake system operation. With no ABS system, the vehicle can skid out of control in a panic stop, especially on wet or slick pavement.

If there are other brake system lights on with the ABS light, then there could be something wrong with the basic brake system. In this case,. If there is a basic service brake system problem, then there is the real possibility that the vehicle could experience a brake failure. Brake-O-Rama offer a free inspection of your brake system.

Here’s how ABS brakes work.

With vehicles not equipped with ABS brakes, when conditions were bad and you had to “slam” on the pedal, the brakes would often lock up and cause you to skid. The only way to prevent this would be for you to “pump” your brakes.

That’s what anti-lock brakes (ABS) do. They provide that pumping action, although they do it much faster than a human ever could, as fast as ten times per second, this action helps prevent skidding. When the ABS system is not working properly the ABS Light will remain on.

ABS Warning Light

The ABS warning light—anti-lock/anti-skid brake warning system—will come on when there is some type of fault condition with either the ABS brake system or the normal service brake system


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