Overheating Radiator & Coolant Leak

There are several common radiator repairs that go beyond overheating


Car radiator repairs can be a very serious problem when your car starts coolant leakover heating while you are driving. Your car radiator has a high amount of  heat and pressure within the cooling system, when you see that cloud of  steam coming from under your hood the odds are there is a coolant leak. A radiator repair is the most well known repair of the cooling system, but it’s not the only culprit when it comes to a coolant leak. Some of the most common over heating repairs for a vehicle’s cooling system are:

  • 1. A failed thermostat. The thermostat is a common cause of over heating. The thermostat should be checked when any radiator repair is done.
  • 2. Leaky radiator hoses. This is a  common source of coolant leaks within the cooling system and may appear as if  you need a radiator repair, but the radiator hoses end up to be the problem.. Radiator hoses due wear out in time and should be replaced before a coolant leak happens or a radiator repair is needed.
  • 3. Radiator leaks. The best way to check for a radiator leaks is with a pressure tester. Let Brake-O-Rama do a free radiator test
  • 4. Water Pump leaking. When the water pump fails, the coolant no longer circulates properly and the car will overheat. The water pump should also be tested under pressure. If you think you have a problem let Brake-O-Rama check it for free.
  • 5. Radiator fan. The radiator fan is needed to pull enough air through the radiator to keep the car cool at idle and low speeds. A radiator fan not working can result in a radiator repair due to overheating

head-gasketHead Gasket, Head gaskets usually fail if the engine starts over heating for a sustained period of time causing the cylinder head to warp and force pressure on the head gasket.

A head gasket replacement begins with the diagnosis that the head gasket has failed.  There is no way for a technician to know for certain that the head gasket  has gone bad without doing  a diagnostic test .To determine if there is  additional damage to the cylinder head or other components you must first disassemble the engine.

One way to tell if a head gasket has failed is through a combustion leak test on the radiator.


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