Car Battery & Electrical Service

Car Battery & Electrical Service




Car battery replacement should only be performed after a free battery test at Brake-O-Rama. We can check if there are any problems with your car’s electrical system including starters and alternators. The car battery is one part of the electrical system that keeps your car starting but not the only part.  Car batteries should be checked every two years to prevent an unexpected break down. Our trained technicians will check the terminal condition of your battery to make sure that the battery is receiving a proper current. We’ll also check the charging system to make sure you have a safe and reliable vehicle for you and your family.

car battery replacement


Car battery Replacement

How often should I replace my car battery?

“Normal battery replacement” is determined by a number of factors that affect the life of your car battery. A battery has an average normal life span of four years under normal conditions. . Normal driving habits for one person is very different from another person in the real world.  Such every day events like temperature extremes, vibration, and the every day use of MP3 players, GPS receivers and other devices take a toll on the battery and result in shortening battery life.

The best way to not get caught by surprise is come in for a Free Battery Test at Brake-O-Rama



Call Brake-O-Rama’s friendly staff at 973-779-4880 to get an estimate on any car repair question you may have.  If your Battery is giving you a problem or you just have a question call us, we would be happy to help you. Brake-O-Rama is a full service repair shop since 1949 doing repairs on BrakesWheel AlignmentWheel BalanceTire RotationAir Condition, Heating, Shocks & Struts, Engine Repair, ABS Light, Engine Light, New TiresUsed TiresRadiators, Batteries,   Free Car Inspection and more, plus we have valuable coupons to help save you money.


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