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Air Conditioning

Car Air Conditioning not working can be a very uncomfortable experience. Brake-O-Rama can help stop your A/C blowing hot air.
Very often an a/c recharge is what is needed and not an air condition repair.
If you notice your air conditioning system is not blowing as cold as it should, bring your vehicle to one of our locations to have one of our skilled technicians decide if an auto air conditioning repair service is what is needed.
We can fix your car A/C problems


a/c recharge at brake-o-ramaCall Brake-O-Rama’s friendly staff at 973-779-4880 to get an estimate on any car repair question you may have.  If your air condition is giving you a problem or you just have a question call us, we would be happy to help you. Brake-O-Rama is a full service repair shop since 1949 doing repairs on BrakesWheel AlignmentWheel BalanceTire Rotation, Air Condition, Heating, Shocks & Struts, Engine Repair, ABS Light, Engine Light, New TiresUsed TiresRadiatorsBatteries,   Free Car Inspection and more, plus we have valuable coupons to help save you money.

Why Choose Brake-O-Rama for you is A/C service?

At Brake-O-Rama, we are all responsible to make sure you are happy. Here’s how we work.

  • Established in 1949
  • We have been in business doing auto repairs for a long time, this only happens when you care about your customers.
  • Your Approval
  • We offer repair options and never do any work without your permission. No exceptions. No surprises.

Brake-O-Rama in business for 60 years


A/C & Heating/Cooling System Symptoms & Warning Signs

  1. 1. A/C system doesn’t cool vehicle to set temperature
  2. 2. Fan/blower does not work when set in A/C mode
  3. 3. Fan/blower is louder than usual
  4. 4. Some or all of the dash controls do not work
  5. 5. Heater, top and side vents, or defroster do not work
  6. 6. A/C or engine makes loud noises when the heat or A/C is turned on
  7. 7. Vehicle stalls or idles roughly when A/C is turned on
  8. 8. Vehicle runs hot or overheats when A/C is on
  9. 9. There is water on the car’s floor
  10. 10. Electric engine cooling fan quickly cycles on and off
  11. 11. Unusual odors come from interior vents
  12. 12. A/C unit has not been serviced regularly
  13. 13. Windows fog when defroster is turned on

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